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Our Students work in Top Companies

Looking for a career upgrade?

We know those can be turbulent waters - part of our team has done a career shift to tech.

  • A better-paid career?

    Digital jobs are in high demand and getting above-average salaries. 

  • A challenging job?

    Technology is enabling companies to grow fast and digital talent is the key.

  • No clear pathway?

    Learning digital skills can be lonely or require a significant investment.

Miles is the smart way to do it

Our courses prepare you for a digital career while respecting your time, money & needs.

  • Best-in-class Content

    • Crafted by Experts
    • Backed by Facilitators
    • Enabled by a Platform
  • Work in a real-world setting

    • Based on Missions
    • Peer-to-peer learning
    • Team Assignments
  • Flexible for busy workers

    • Remote & Part-time
    • 4x less than bootcamps
    • Pay-as-you-learn

Discover our Programs

Upgrade your digital skills

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[5-week course]

Next Cohort: To be defined

Scope: Python Basics, Conditional programming & Task Automation 

Format: Part-time & fully remote

Effort: 7h/week of asynchronous work + 3h/week in live sessions

Price: 190€


[6-month course]

Next Cohort: To be defined

Scope: Python Pre-work, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Deployment 

Format: Part-time & fully remote

Effort: 7h/week of asynchronous work + 3h/week in live sessions

Price: 250€ x 6 months


[6-month course]

Next Cohort: To be defined

Scope: Front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Back-end (SQL, APIs) and React 

Format: Part-time & fully remote

Effort: 7h/week of asynchronous work + 3h/week in live sessions

Price: 250€ x 6 months

Not sure which? Explore multiple digital careers


[6-week course]

Next Cohort: To-be-defined

Scope: Website Building, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis

Format: Part-time & fully remote

Effort: 7h/week of asynchronous work + 3h/week in live sessions

Achieve your Career Goals

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    We will give you the skills that provide you the salary and stability you are looking for.


    The focus areas of our programs allow you to work remotely or as a freelancer.


    We will provide you the tech skills that will allow you to perform better in your job.

Learn like in a real-world setting

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    People learn better when obtaining knowledge for a specific challenge.

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    Peer-to-peer Learning

    Learning is a social experience. People learn better with others.

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    Gamified Experience

    Learners learn best when they have goals to work towards. 

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    Work on your soft skills

    We go beyond technical skills to ensure you achieve your goals.

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    Our platform and community managers guide you in every step.

Education is our craft

Our team has a robust background in education, both in traditional and in more disruptive formats.

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    42 Lisboa
    Coding School

    42 Lisboa is a coding school without instructors and completely self-paced.

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    Data Science Programs

    Thorly is a mentor-based online program to teach data to non-technical people.

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    Nova SBE
    World-class Faculty

    World-class Business Faculty ranked #22 for Executives by the Financial Times.

People like you have done our programs

Check what they say 😍

Maria Amaral, International Product Manager @ Adam Foods

“It was a really good learning experience where peer help was very important to motivate me. The Peer evaluation was also very interesting as people solve challenges in a different way than I and I definitely learn from them.”

Thomas Azcue, International BD Manager @ Dreamshaper

"A challenge that helped me improve and broaden my digital skills! The peer-to-peer engagement approach made it easier for me to learn and test myself in ways I haven't before. I wished there were more missions to complete!"

Jorge Santos, Program Manager @ Fundação José Neves

“Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

Francisco Duarte, Web Development Teaching Assistant @ Ironhack

"It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

Don't lose the opportunity to upgrade your career and salary