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A program for developing financial and sustainability literacy in schools and faculties through monthly challenges.

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There's a need to address new topics and develop new skills

  • New topics

    • Financial Literacy
    • Sustainability
    • Digital Literacy
  • New skills

    • Analytical thinking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Lifelong learning
  • New learning model

    • Experiential
    • Engaging
    • Working at scale
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The Program

The student chooses 1 topic and 1 challenge per month. To solve it, they have the support of our digital platform and from Miles Learning Coaches.

  • Financial literacy@2x

    Financial Literacy:

    • Create a board game about "Money & Investments."

    • Organize a workshop on savings options for your family.

    • Start a micro-business to earn extra money.

    • Assess your "Net Worth" in terms of human capital and financial capital.

    • Calculate your appreciation for a Bitcoin investment.
  • Sustain literacy@2x

    Sustainability Literacy:

    • Live sustainably within the limits of Earth's resources for 1 week.

    • Create an application that calculates your carbon footprint.

    • Present a circular economy solution.

    • Plan a family vacation with zero carbon impact.

    • Reduce your household's weekly waste production by 50%.

A new way to learn

The program is based on Miles's learning principles and platform.

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    Learning through challenges with weekly deliverables associated with specific objectives.

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    Program structured in groups per challenge with live sessions that promote collaboration.

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    Each student chooses the challenge they want to undertake each month.

How it works

Every 4 weeks, students choose a challenge and go through different live sessions with learning coaches to tackle them.

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Every 4 weeks, students choose a challenge and go through different live sessions with learning coaches to tackle them.

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Digital Literacy Program for Valsassina High School - overall evaluation of 4.8/5 πŸ₯°

"I was able to use this website-building mission for a project in my Economics class."

"In the future, when I want to create an online store or make a website, I will already know where to start."

"I started considering data engineering as an option in my faculty application."

Valsassina High School

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