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Literacy Programs

Develop skills for the future while learning about the topics transforming todays' world & businesses.

Digital Literacy60h | 6 weeks

Get foundational digital skills in Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Web Analytics.

Data Literacy60h | 6 weeks

Explore the complete cycle of Data from analysis to visualization and storytelling.

Financial Literacy25h | 4 weeks

Learn about investments, savings, new assets, and business.

AI Literacy25h | 4 weeks

Use new AI capabilities to accelerate content production and generate new insights.

Sustainability Literacy25h | 4 weeks

Understand how to reduce waste, live under earth's limit, track you carbon footprint, etc.

Upksill & Reskill Programs

Develop the technical skills most in-demand.

Python Fundamentals40h | 4 weeks

How to use Python to pull data and automate processes and increase productivity.

Outsystems Developer80h | 8 weeks

How to create OutSystems web apps code, from front-end to back-end.

Web Developer260h | 6 months

Creating Web Developer based on ReactJS, from front-end to back-end.

Data Scientist260h | 6 months

Creating Data Scientists based on Python & Machine Learning.

What our alumnis have to say

  • "Miles' learning model helped me learn Web Dev, despite being a nurse and working full-time. The emphasis on autonomy, information-seeking, and critical thinking, along with constant learning from colleagues and motivation from Miles team, exceeded my expectations."

    Sara Costa, Alumni Web Development
  • "The Miles learning method is unique due to its missions which allow us to solve real and challenging problems, and the peer-to-peer method that leads us to contribute to the learning path of each other."

    Sérgio Carmo, Alumni Python
  • "It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

    Francisco Duarte, Alumni Python
  • “Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

    Jorge Santos, Alumni Python

What's a typical week

Each mission tend to take 1 week and follow the following sequence of events.

Monday - Get access to the mission

Start the week by finding more about your weekly mission: activities to complete, instructions, support materials, etc.

Monday - Live session (1h30)

Come to the live session to review the scope of the mission and start working with your colleagues on solving it.

Tuesday to Thursday - Work on the mission

Try to complete each activity by following instructions and working online with your peers. List all your doubts.

Thursday - Live session (1h30)

Come to the 2nd live session of the week to share your doubts and advance on completing the mission with your colleagues.

Friday to Sunday - Complete and submit

Finish all the activities and submit your work. Fill in the quizz. Review your colleagues work and get feedback about yours.

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