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Discover a new approach to Learning Technology

Learn through missions

Goals motivate people to learn.

Using Miles, learners develop specific skills by completing missions lasting 1-2 weeks.

Missions are practical challenges with clear instructions and support materials to facilitate problem-solving.

In this way, learners only seek knowledge that will help them to solve real-world problems.

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Host live work sessions

People learn better together.

Live sessions provide a supportive environment where learners can collaborate with their peers and facilitators in real time.

These sessions occur twice a week for 1-2 hours and help learners clarify issues and support each other.

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Manage engagement

Oversee programs using live data.

Monitor engagement through a real-time dashboard with detailed data on interactions and submissions.

Identify users who are at risk of not completing the program and receive prompts to act with the help of our team.

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Create tailored programs

Bespoke content for relevancy.

Tailor the mission instructions and content to your specific needs based on industry, role or technologies.

Use the simple interface to design and publish content your learners will love.

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Creating learning experiences that enable real change

  • "Miles' learning model helped me learn Web development, despite being a nurse and working full-time. 

    The emphasis on autonomy, information-seeking, and critical thinking, along with constant learning from colleagues and motivation from Miles's team, exceeded my expectations."

    Sara Costa, Alumni Web Development
  • "The Miles learning method is unique due to its missions which allow us to solve real and challenging problems, and the peer-to-peer method that leads us to contribute to the learning path of each other."

    Sérgio Carmo, Alumni Python
  • "It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

    Francisco Duarte, Alumni Python
  • “Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

    Jorge Santos, Alumni Python

Flexible learning options

  • Adjust your programs

    Convert your existing program to our model and platform with our support.

  • Run our programs

    Use our ready-made programs to train a specific in-demand skill.

  • Create a new one

    Create a new program from scratch using our process and partners.

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