What Miles is all about

Our aim is to have a positive impact in society, deploying more effective learning experiences, enabled by a distinctive learning model and an innovative digital platform.

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A tale of two companies

Miles in the Sky began as two companies: Thorly and Shaken. With a background in education and a similar vision, we created Miles to do one thing and one thing well: empowering individuals of any age, gender, nationality, geography, or scholar degree to learn in a relevant, effective and impactful manner, in order to improve their lives.

When we founded Miles, there were several reskill solutions on the market. But none of it provided an efficient solution, where people can explore, choose and dive into a knowledge area, in a fun and engaging learning experience. We truly believe we are on the right track and we will build that great experience with our learners!

Our past experiences were a source of inspiration

The best of a mix between corporate, startup and schools environment

  • Shaken is the entity that brought 42 to Lisbon. 42 is among the best coding schools in the world. 

    At 42, there are no teachers or books. Students learn to solve problems and overcome challenges. The school’s practical approach, based on peer-to-peer collaboration, guarantees both excellent technical training and the development of valuable soft skills, such as the ability to work in teams, problem-solving, adaptation and resilience

  • Thorly is a startup that was founded with a purpose: democratize education by creating scalable and effective learning experiences, enhanced by technology and community.

    At Thorly we tested many different learning experiences until we focused our programs on i) remote, teacherless and asyncronous knowledge transfer, ii) project-based learning with group and peer-2-peer hands-on sessions, and iii) a focus on the community-based activities. Our programs were always backed by several technological products developed in-house.

  • Pedro, Francisco and both Mafaldas are the team responsible for conceiving, funding, managing and launching Nova SBE’s 90.000 square meters new campus in Carcavelos. In particular, they managed to raise 52 M€ of donations in the fundraising campaign, to make it a reality. Nova SBE’s campus is a home to an innovative way of learning, sharing, and developing in Europe. On top of being a great place to be, it was designed for collaborative learning, focusing on student interaction and collaborative learning, rather than being solely focused on the teacher. 

The gang behind the scenes

  • Paulo dsc 1971
    Founder & CEO
  • Ricardo dsc 1983
    Founder & CTO
  • Dsc 2026 1
    Founder & CPO
  • Francisco dsc 1717
    Founder & CFO
  • Psc dsc 1733
    Founder & Chairman
  • Luis dsc 2007
    Founder & Tech
  • Foto 1
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  • 1599567257498
  • 1605621275223
  • David carril   foto linkedin
    Head of Growth
  • Foto amandasilva
  • Daniela carri  o
    Product Designer
  • Ana charrua rodrigues
    Head of Programs
  • Luisa
    People & Legal Manager
  • Luis oliveira shaken
    Financial Controller

Reach out to us

We are always open for partnerships, new Milers or simply to have a nice talk about how we can fix Education faster.

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