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Looking to catch up?

You understand the importance of learning how to code for your career yet you're still finding the right opportunity.

  • Data Analysis is a foundational skill

    You would benefit from learning how to analyse data at scale and automate reporting.

  • Python is the #1 coding language

    Python is one of the easiest to learn and with the highest impact on productivity.

  • Technical colleagues are earning more

    You are seeing peers getting a bump on their salary and career just for their technical skillset.

  • The right course to get into coding

    You may have tried some courses yet you fill they are not really that practical / relevant to your daily job.

Python for non-programmers

Specially designed for those who have never programmed in Python before. 

Including topics such as variables, data structures, functions, flow control and object-oriented programming, you will get to know the fundamentals of Python programming.

  • +40 hours
  • Part-time during 5 weeks
  • 10h/week 
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Fully online with live sessions
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Access to our community
  • Certificate of completion
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Crafted by data experts with experience in Top Companies

What you will learn

You will be guided through 4 missions where you will learn Python fundamentals. 

A new way to learn

Miles model allow you to learn based on collaborative weekly challenges freeing you up from one-sided classes or instructors.

  • Weekly Missions

    Every week you get a Mission with instructions and tasks to complete.

  • Collaborative work

    In every mission you will work and share doubts with your colleagues to proceed.

  • Live Sessions

    There'll be 2 online live sessions per week with your colleagues and our team.

  • Feedback from peers

    Get feedback from your peers and improve your learning methods.

  • Quizzes

    During key missions you will understand how well did you retain key information.

  • Capstone Project

    1-month project to apply all learnings, as if you were part of a data team.

  • No classes

    Gamified hands-on tasks w/out the boring one-sided classes and instructors.

What's a typical week

Each mission tend to take 1 week and follow the following sequence of events.

Monday - Get access to the mission

Start the week by finding more about your weekly mission: activities to complete, instructions, support materials, etc.

Monday - Live session 19h to 20h30

Come to the live session to review the scope of the mission and start working with your colleagues on solving it.

Tuesday to Thursday - Work on the mission

Try to complete each activity by following instructions and working online with your peers. List all your doubts.

Thursday - Live session 19h to 20h30

Come to the 2nd live session of the week to share your doubts and advance on completing the mission with your colleagues.

Friday to Sunday - Complete and submit

Finish all the activities and submit your work. Fill in the quizz. Review your colleagues work and get feedback about yours.

Advance to the next mission...

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Enrol now for 95€ (190€) by using promocode PYTHON50 in the payment gateway.

  • Python for non-programmers

    5-week course
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      5 weeks
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      4 missions
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      2 Live Sessions per week
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      Get a Certificate at the end

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From Lisbon to the World

We're based in Lisbon, Portugal, within 42 Lisboa coding school, but you can be wherever you want to make our courses.

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Maria Amaral, International Product Manager @ Adam Foods

“It was a really good learning experience where peer help was very important to motivate me. The Peer evaluation was also very interesting as people solve challenges in a different way than I and I definitely learn from them.”

Thomas Azcue, International BD Manager @ Dreamshaper

"A challenge that helped me improve and broaden my digital skills! The peer-to-peer engagement approach made it easier for me to learn and test myself in ways I haven't before. I wished there were more missions to complete!"

Jorge Santos, Program Manager @ Fundação José Neves

“Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

Francisco Duarte, Web Development Teaching Assistant @ Ironhack

"It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

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