Learn how to use Python in 3 weeks

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  • Next cohort starting on October 29th
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Python Fundamentals Course

Specially designed for those who have never programmed in Python before. 

Including topics such as variables, data structures, functions, flow control and object-oriented programming, you will get to know the fundamentals of Python programming.

  • 46 hours
  • Part-time during 3 weeks
  • 10h/week + 2 full saturdays
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Fully online with live sessions
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Peer-to-peer learning 
  • Access to our community
  • Certificate of completion
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Crafted by data experts with experience in Top Companies

What you will learn

You will be guided through 4 missions where you will learn Python fundamentals. 

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    Learn the basics of Python

    • Write and execute Python code through the browser.

    • Make numeric operations using the basics of Python such as data types, variables, syntax, operators, etc.

    • Analyse and store structured data using Python Data - structures like lists, tuples, sets and dictionaries.

    • Import and analyze datasets using the basics of Python Pandas library.
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    Build an online roulette game

    • Control the flow of a program execution depending on specific conditions by using the if structure.

    • Execute operations in a data structure through loops.

    • Stop loops or move on to the next iteration with the keywords: continue and break.

    • Verify the existence of specific elements in Python data structures using the in and not keywords.

    • Ask for user inputs during the execution of a program with the built-in function input().
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    Build a medical screening bot

    • Make use of Python functions to create a data transformation pipeline.

    • Represent data attributes of an entity using Python Dictionaries.

    • Make transformation on dictionaries elements by learning how to loop ;through dictionaries;

    • Read and handle JSON files using the Python with statement.
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    Organize files and images at scale with Python

    • Learn in-depth how to use object-oriented-programming.

    • Leverage it to create programs that organize files and images.

    • Learn about classes, objects, attributes, methods and inheritance in Python.

Course Schedule

This course was designed for busy people and it will take 3 weeks including 2 full Saturdays and 2 live sessions per week after-work.

  • 1

    October 29 | Saturday full-day

    • The effort estimated is 8h 
    • Saturday from 9h to 18h
  • 2

    October 31 - November 18 | Part-time

    • The effort estimated is 10h/week
    • 7h of asynchronous work + 3h in live sessions 
    • Live sessions on Monday & Thursdays, 19h to 20h30 
  • 3

    November 19 | Saturday full-day

    • The effort estimated is 8h
    • Saturday from 9h to 18h

Made to keep you engaged

There are different levels of learning events that will keep you focused & productive.

  • 🥅 Individual Missions

    A Mission takes 1-2 weeks and is a specific challenge that includes several tasks.

  • 🫂 Group Assignment

    There are missions where you will have to work in a team with your peers.

  • 🧑‍💻 Live Sessions

    There'll be 2 live online sessions / week to work with your peers and our team.

  • ⭐ Peer Reviews

    At the end of each mission, your peers will review & give feedback about your work.

There are 2 options for enrolment

You can either enrol in this 3-week course for 150€ or join our 6-month program to become a Data Scientist and have it included in the program with no additional cost.

  • Python Fundamentals

    Enrol now for 20% less (regular value is 190€)
    • ✓
      3 weeks
    • ✓
      4 missions
    • ✓
      2 Live Sessions per week
    • ✓
      Get a Certificate at the end
  • Data Scientist Pre-work

    Included in the 'Become a Data Scientist' course fee
    • ✓
      As a pre-work for the 'Become a Data Scientist' 6-month program
    • ✓
      +20 missions
    • ✓
      2 Live Sessions per week
    • ✓
      Prepare for recruitment
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      Get job opportunities

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Maria Amaral, International Product Manager @ Adam Foods

“It was a really good learning experience where peer help was very important to motivate me. The Peer evaluation was also very interesting as people solve challenges in a different way than I and I definitely learn from them.”

Thomas Azcue, International BD Manager @ Dreamshaper

"A challenge that helped me improve and broaden my digital skills! The peer-to-peer engagement approach made it easier for me to learn and test myself in ways I haven't before. I wished there were more missions to complete!"

Jorge Santos, Program Manager @ Fundação José Neves

“Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

Francisco Duarte, Web Development Teaching Assistant @ Ironhack

"It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

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