Reskill your workforce & drive cultural change

The most effective and efficient way to skill up your workforce with digital competencies.

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Leading companies trusted us their employees

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Reshaping your workforce should be achievable!

Do you need to skill up your employees?

You are feeling the pressure of market change, need to transform your workforce and develop the skills of your employees.

Do you believe digital transformation goes beyond technical skills?

With new ways of working, you feel the need for cultural and behavioral change in your teams and employees.

Have you spent thousands in ineffective solutions?

You have already tried different solutions to skill up and develop your workforce, but always with limited success.

Discover our programs

1. Get your workforce working with digital tools

Digital Experience 

✔ Expose your employees to different digital areas
✔ Experience new ways of collaborating and learning
✔ Assess digital talent and development potential

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2. Develop in-house the digital talent you need

Job-ready courses

✔ Get your employees into an area of expertise
✔ Chose among the most in-demand digital job roles
✔ Develop behavioural skills and new ways of working

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A learning experience that goes beyond technical skills

Develop the human skills for an effective corporate cultural change

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Develop Behavioural Skills

Learning content is focused on specific technical areas, while behavioral skills are developed by the learning experiennce. Fostering teamwork and peer interaction, a collaborative culture is enhanced.

Drive a Cultural Change

Change is about technology, process and creativity. This program is a collaborative journey, bringing siloed teams together, creating new collective experiences, enabling a future driven culture.

Learn in a real-world setting

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    People learn better when getting knowledge for a specific challenge.

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    Peer-to-peer Learning

    Learning is a social experience. People learn better with others.

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    Gamified Experience

    Learners learn best when they have goals to work towards. 

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    Work on your soft skills

    We go beyond technical skills to ensure you achieve your goals.

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    Our platform and community managers guide you in every step.

Education is our craft

Our team has a robust background in education, both in traditional and in more disruptive formats.

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    42 Lisboa
    Coding School

    42 Lisboa is a coding school without instructors and completely self-paced.

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    Data Science Programs

    Thorly is a mentor-based online program to teach data to non-technical people.

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    Nova SBE
    World-class Faculty

    World-class Business Faculty ranked #22 for Executives by the Financial Times.

We already ran several programs with great feedback

Check what our participants say 😍

Marial Amaral, International Product Manager @ Adam Foods

“It was a really good learning experience where peer help was very important to motivate me. The Peer evaluation was also very interesting as people solve challenges in a different way than I and I definitely learn from them.”

Thomas Azcue, International BD Manager @ Dreamshaper

"A challenge that helped me improve and broaden my digital skills! The peer-to-peer engagement approach made it easier for me to learn and test myself in ways I haven't before. I wished there were more missions to complete!"

Jorge Santos, Program Manager @ Fundação José Neves

“Amazing experience. Excellent network and dynamics with community managers supported by a platform with valuable educational content.”

Francisco Duarte, Web Development Teaching Assistant @ Ironhack

"It was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever done. Learning Python and Analytics from scratch based on intuition was way easier and motivating."

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