Tech Internship Program

Open for applications until December 5th

About Miles

Miles in the Sky is an ed-tech start-up created to future-proof individuals and organizations of any age, gender, nationality, geography, or scholar degree to acquire relevant skills they need. To accomplish it, we are building a product, supported by people, to provide effective and exciting learning experiences, while being scalable.

Simultaneously, we are creating a set of programs in areas such as Digital Experience, Web Development, Data Science or Python that we sell both B2C and B2B. We also work with other entities that use our product to run their own education programs. Our long term goal is to become an agnostic enabler for education with the best and most scalable learning experiences.

Miles got off the ground in July 2021 with an initial funding of 400K€ and is now completing a funding round that successfully raised an additional 1.5M€.

About the Internship Program


Miles is looking to expand its development team and is launching an internship program. The goal is to have a team of 5 relatively junior interns for 6 months, with the possibility of leading to permanent positions afterward.

The scope of the work will be quite open and generalist around our technological stack - Javascript (VueJS), Python, SQL - built on top of multiple AWS services

The whole team will have exposition to a wide range of technologies and will be able to develop the applications directly for client use.

As a team, you will be focused on developing features, which require full-stack knowledge. A feature can imply building a front-end component, API, tests, and documentation.

The team works with biweekly sprints. For each sprint during the tech internship, you will pair with someone else, and, together, you will have a mission to solve (with clear deliverables and standards to be met). This means fast and short iterations to understand the struggles and where there is a need for stepping in, as well as a contained scope for every sprint.

The program will have both a structured support system, that includes some debrief sessions with the entire team and some one-on-one sessions, as well as unstructured support through informal channels, mostly on a remote basis.

Your Role

 The goal is for the team to be generalist, as we take a more full-stack approach to learning. As a team, you will be developing features, which require a bigger bandwidth of technologies but also takes you faster to the point. Some examples of tasks this can involve:

  • Front-End: We are currently working with VueJS. You will be using part of what we developed and developing some more for the different applications we still have to create. You will have access to mock-ups to see what needs to be delivered and work with our functional analyst to make sure all the requirements are implemented.
  • API Integration & Development: Building our API is part of any feature. You will be working on the API and immediately integrating it with the front end. 
  • Testing: Each feature will come already with tests and they will be done at the level of the integration. For now, the front end will be mostly functional testing.
  • Cloud: Our development stack includes multiple tools from AWS and the connections necessary between them. The combination of the different tools is being facilitated by an internal tool that speeds up development and helps with these interactions. Part of the job is to augment and bring new ideas to this tool, helping everyone in the team to become more productive.
  • Documentation: We are approaching documentation in a non-boring way, and part of your job as a team will be to contribute to the visibility of your code.
  • Support: Once we have more clients we will allocate part of the time to ticket support. The reason for this is that giving technical support allows knowing more about the applications’ insides. This will be given to the team as a whole.

Skills and Requirements


We are looking for motivated and willing-to-learn developers. We will not follow a traditional structure for ramp-up but we believe this will take each person on the team faster to a great technical level. Our team will be working in Python and/or Javascript, so being comfortable with it or having some experience is a good bonus.

We will be doing a pair-programming strategy ramp-up in the first two months where you will be in touch with our tech stack, learning how to use our products and internal tools. You will learn how to build upon and maintain them while developing your Python and JavaScript skills! You will be shipping the code to production in no time!

More importantly, we are looking for someone who identifies with us and our way of working. This means we are looking for someone that is:

  • Willing to learn
  • Driven and has a can-do-attitude
  • A team player, with high empathy and integrity
  • Flexible to adapt and accommodate the different needs of the team
  • Passionate about building a world-class product in a culture centered around improving education for everyone

Financial Conditions

  • 6-Month Contract
  • 3 Days per Week
  • 600€ Monthly Internship Grant (Net) 
  • ~160€ Monthly Food Allowance (Net) 
  • On-Site, at our office, located at 42 Lisboa
  • Workstation setup with your own MacBook and monitor
  • Starting Date: 02/01/2023